Friday Five: The New Year

Remember the golden age in blogging, when everyone had a Blogspot or Xanga? When you joined a blogring and had an instant, engaged audience?  When posts were like daily journal entries instead of carefully curated articles (frequently sponsored) and made-for-Pinterest graphics?


I do. And I miss it! Not that there’s anything wrong with today’s blogging trends—but I’d post so much more often if I released myself from the pressure to only share essays.  

So I’m starting a new thing: Friday Five. I’ll share 5 little thoughts or maybe a comedic-memoir-style list or something else that comes in 5’s each week. I think keeping a loose format will be the key to actually posting consistently. 

1. I just spent 8 minutes on the internet trying to find a similar phrase to “without further ado” because it feels overused. But I also didn’t want to just start the list without a transition. Google had nothing! So without further ado, we are now in the Five portion of this post.

2. I failed spectacularly at my “December Daily” project. 20 stories by the end of the month? All with unique imagery and coordinating titles? It was just too lofty a goal. I’m still happy with the fact that I tried to make writing more of a habit; I’m happy that I got a lot of stories started (to share eventually ) and I’m exceptionally happy with The Gift. So maybe it wasn’t a specTACular failure. If I post something Christmas-themed at a random point this year, you’ll know where it came from.

3. I finally  see a light at the end of the tunnel with this illness. I’ve never had the flu before and good grief, it is as bad if not worse than everyone says. I’m so glad Abbott got over his in time to go back to school, because I need a few extra bed rest/ER binge watch days. I’ve never seen the point of getting a flu shot before but these last few weeks may have changed my mind! 

this is your brain on influenza. photo by Fabio Jock

this is your brain on influenza. photo by Fabio Jock

4. New Year’s Resolutions are great. They really are. Sometimes starting fresh/with a blank slate/setting intentions is absolutely good and necessary. But where I am right now, my “resolution” is just to keep doing what I’m doing. I am by no means saying I’m perfect or exactly where I want to be! But I am so good at starting things; So good at doing a re-brand, setting a theme, using all the drama and fanfare to make changes. I am terrible at following through to completion. Last year I set goals to be better at two things: showing up, and finishing. I think I have succeeded in adding those things to who I am; but it will always be a work in progress—they don’t come naturally to me. So this year, I want to continue . No big fresh starts, just small, quiet ones. For me—that’s the key to success.

I love seeing people’s one little word projects, or hearing other ways they intentionally incorporate a topic or trait into their lives. I’ve never done the actual OLW project, just casually picked one that seemed right and thought about it from time to time ( last year: “Revive”, this year: “Dwell”) . Do you choose a word or participate? I’d love to hear in the comments!

5. Do your kids watch The Lion Guard? We don’t have cable/WiFi/local tv at home, so every week we pick a few dvds from the library. I chose this show for him while Abbott was at school, and it turns out he loves it! But he had me hide his eyes at a *very* mild peril scene with the hyenas. I think that means that he is DEFINITELY not ready for the actual Lion King Movie! insert cry laugh emoji  

Well, we did it! We made it to the end! To say thanks for reading, I’d like to buy you a coffee. Local friends, I’ll even deliver it (if our schedules allow)! Internet friends, we’ll work out a gift card. All you’ve got to do is leave a comment—anything at all, blog or non-blog related. Make sure you add your email address in the comment form or leave your Instagram handle in the body. I’ll choose one winner and announce in the next Friday Five post!  

Thanks for making it this far! Your reward is a photo of me from that around that same blogging era. Until next time!

I had my first pair of Vans and was very cool

I had my first pair of Vans and was very cool