50 years in love

February 3rd of this year, my grandparents reached their 50th wedding anniversary. As you can tell...they are still so young and crazy about each other.

Most of my all-time favorite memories involve these two and their antics. Pulling pranks on people, getting kolaches in our pajamas, so many  road trips from Houston to Denver...and stopping at 3 different McDonald's drive-thrus because the 33-cent senior cup of coffee wasn't hot enough...they made my childhood great.

My Grammy has always been my biggest fan. Whether it was becoming a NASA astronaut or a LA music producer, I can't remember her ever discounting my dreams. She always knew I was different than everyone else-but made me feel like that was worth celebrating, not apologizing for.

She gave me their original wedding rings for my 18h birthday, not realizing I'd have a boyfriend using them to propose a year later! They're a daily reminder of the beautiful legacy we're working on. Talk about real deal (hashtag) relationship goals.

We did this impromptu photo shoot at their surprise party last month. It was my first time with my new lens, but I'm happy with how they turned out. They make me smile so much I can't help but look at them over and over. Enjoy!

Specs: Canon Rebel xsi, with 50mm f/1.8 & 800 ISO. No editing.